Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a BOY!!!!!!

We are having a sweet baby boy!!!! Connor is so excited to know he is having a brother. In fact, he has helped pick out the name. Eddie really liked the names Colby and Cooper and every time he asked Connor which name, Connor would say "Colby". So I guess the new little boy will be named Colby Grey. Connor is so cute talking to my belly. He gets real close and says "Hey Colby Grey! I love you! Bye bye!" It is so sweet!!! Connor also thinks he has a baby in his belly too. In fact, when Eddie is playing with him he starts yelling "baby, baby". I guess he is afraid Eddie will hurt his baby.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm still ALIVE

I know it has been a LONG time since my last blog but it is hard to puke and type at the same time. I have been keeping up with everyone else though. Now that I'm going on day 5 without being sick, I feel like blogging again. There are so many things that I've missed sharing in my blogs but there is no way to go back and update now. So, I'll just have to start fresh.
Connor and I have spent a lot of quality time together these past two months. He is getting bigger every day and learning more and more. I love to hear him sing his praises to Jesus and a little Hannah Montana. Yes...my kid loves Hannah Montana. His cousin Rachel takes him to her room and they sing and dance. Anyways...
Tomorrow, October 2 we will find out the sex of the baby. YAY!!!! I will try to blog about it as soon as I get home. Until then...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jesus Loves Me

The youth led Sunday night service but Eddie helped them by playing a few songs. Well Connor stayed in the service with me and it came time for the invitation. Eddie played one of Connor's favorite songs Jesus Loves Me. What a sweet moment to hear your 2 year old singing along with his daddy and smiling the whole time he was singing. I'm glad Eddie didn't hear him because he would have been crying like a baby.

Playing House

These pictures are not recent but I really needed to blog about these special girls. Before the Parrotts left for Germany the girls came over to play with Connor. They convinced him to play house. I don't remember which one was the mommy and daddy but Connor was their baby. They pretended to go grocery shopping and all the wonderful things you do as a family. I was able to catch a few shots of them in their house.

They had a blast playing with each other. Connor wants to know where Madison and Morgie are every day. Eddie thought for sure he would forget about them but who can forget about these sweet little angels. I know Connor can't. We miss you guys!!! Connor sends his love to you!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's my potty and I'll go if I want to...

Connor has recently decided that he likes to sit on his potty chair and read a book. So, I take his diaper off and let him sit there. He hasn't done anything in the potty yet but he is starting to show an interest in it. I believe you shouldn't push your kid into using a potty but you can do things to spark an interest. Anyways...these made cute pictures.

I swing swing

I'm back!!!! Well, a lot has happened these past couple of weeks. Connor got a swing set!!!! He loves to swing swing. I think he would stay out there all day long if I would let him. Let me rewind for a minute. My aunt and uncle give all the great nieces and nephews money to purchase a swing set or whatever they choose to buy .Well, we bought a swing set because Connor loves to swing. My dad, Keith and Eddie spent a Saturday putting it together and Connor was so excited to be able to swing in his backyard. Here a few pictures of him swinging right after they got finished with it. Connor wants to thank Uncle Jim, Aunt Kathy, Pawpaw, Uncle Keith and his daddy for this chance to swing swing on his very own swing set. (wait a minute...this isn't a Grammy Awards speech) Oh Well...Applause and cue music.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not enough memory!!!

Well...so much has happened and I can't even blog about because I don't have enough memory. My computer has reached its memory limit. So, until we clean up our computer I will not be able to blog. Have no fear...it will not be long until you get to read about all of the exciting things we have done. Keep looking!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

My little man...what can I say. I guess he was taking a trip on his airplane or maybe he thought he was skating. I'm not sure what he was doing but he was quite aggravated that he could not fit in this airplane. He has been something else this week. I know he is growing up fast and everyday he does something new. I love all the new words he starting to say. Here are a few: fruit nacks (this is my favorite), piates (pirates), bo bo (he is fascinated with them now). Also, today he tried to change his dogs diaper. He could not get the wipes open, so he ran to me and said "doggie poopie". How cute is that!!! Okay... I have to stop now before I make myself cry. I can't believe that 1 month from today my baby boy with be 2 years old.

A Dip in the Pool

Connor went for a dip Tuesday with his Uncle Keith, Aunt Lori, Rachel and mommy. He wasn't sure about the water at first but once Uncle Keith got in the pool Connor was fine. He sat on his uncles belly and floated around the pool. They broke out into song every time the sun went behind the clouds and he can't stop singing the song. "Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun..." Now that you have that song in your head...good luck getting it out. My kid can't stop singing it. We had a great time and Connor can't wait to go swimmin' again.

She thinks my tractors...well you know the rest

Memorial Day weekend we went to see my parents and my cousin Kelli asked if we wanted a John Deere tractor for Connor. Of course we said yes!! It looks brand new and Connor likes it a lot. It took him a while to warm up to it but once he found out it wouldn't hurt him, he was okay riding it. He loves to play outside with all of his toys and chase the dogs around the yard. I think our poor dogs may have a complex after Connor is done with them. LOL

Monday, June 4, 2007

Connor's 1st Fight

Connor had his first fight tonight. I'm not sure who won the fight though. He was screaming and fussing at Nemo & Dory with all his might. I have never seen him this upset with anything. I don't know what this pillowcase did to him but believe me, Eddie and I plan on taking care of it ASAP. Seriously, Eddie and I thought there was something in it that was hurting him but after checking it out we decided that Connor was just very upset over NOTHING. He threw himself on the ground and cried over and over again. I looked at Eddie and said "it has started". Eddie said "what has started?" I said "the terrible twos". Oh boy, I don't know if we are ready for this.

Smile for the Camera

Okay...my Connor has finally decided that he likes to have his picture taken. Thank God!!!! I know Michelle has struggled with my little darling many times. Last night he decided he would put his daddy's LSU hat on and strike a few poses for me. Every time I took a picture Connor said "Cheeburger" then he would run over to look at himself in the camera. It was so cute! Then I told him to tilt his head and smile...guess what he did it. He was such a little ham for the camera last night.

Leave a Comment

I feel like I need to write this blog to remind people that there is a section where you can leave a comment. I know...I know...it was all a surprise to me too. That means you FAMILY!!! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and everyone else included in that word family you can leave a comment. You don't have to have an account to leave one. Just sign your name. WOW, what a great invention. Anyways...stay tuned for new blogs. I have dusted off the cobwebs and stomped on all the crickets (no not the scrapbooking machine). ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My little Tiger Woods or at least Papa thinks so...

This event happened in April but I REALLY needed to blog about it. Connor's Papa loves to golf and I think the word "love" is an understatement. One Saturday we met Papa and Noni out at Stonebridge to let Connor play a few rounds with them. Let me tell you this kid loves to go to the golf course.

I think it has a lot to do with the golf carts and all the places he can run around with Noni. He must have told Noni a dozen times "C'mon Noni run." I know he ran a good 2 miles that day. He wanted to run everywhere. As you can see in the picture, he is chasing after Papa. Then we drove down to the pond to see the ducks. By this time my memory on the camera was full because he was doing waaaaayyyy to many cute things. He had the best time calling ducks. He would cup his hands around his mouth and say "quack quack, quack quack." I have so many pictures... I can't choose which ones to put on. So yes, there are a lot of pictures on this blog but who cares. I know his grandparents don't!!!!

Toys, toys and my little boy...

Well...Pawpaw built Connor this great toy box for Christmas. You would think it would be for him to put all his toys in but Connor has decided he fits in it just fine. I don't know how in the world he climbs in it but he always lets me know then he's stuck. "Mommy....I tuck mommy, I tuck." Which in Connor language means he is STUCK and help!!!! I will pull him out the toy box and minutes later he is stuck again. I really need to figure out how he's getting in but then I would miss out on all these great pictures.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pawpaw and Nana's House

I know it's been a while since I've blogged but we have been out of town. We went to visit Pawpaw, Nana and the chickens. Yes...the chickens. Connor loves to take his Pawpaw outside and run between the chicken pen and the swing. Every time Pawpaw walked in the door Connor said "c'mon...chickens pease Pawpaw". Now who could turn down an invitation like that. We had a great time. I helped my mom clean her house b/c she has a cast on her arm. I got to see both my grandmothers and we were also there to celebrate my dad's birthday. We all went out to eat at the local steakhouse. (which by the way made my kid throw up) Now I will be getting on my soap box...we ordered him a kids chicken tender with fries, harmless you would think. Well, he was enjoying a steak with his mommy and decided he would eat one of his fries. He took a bite and started rubbing his tongue. I examined the fry and they had them covered with seasoning. SERIOUSLY...who puts seasoning like that on a child's plate. I'm still quite angry with them and considering calling the main office. Once he threw up all over me, he wouldn't eat anything else. To top it off...my parents still had to pay for his meal. I do not suggest eating at the Wagon Master, like any of you are going on a pleasure trip to Leesville. lol By the way my Nene Rhodes tried one of the fries and she said it burned all the way down. Getting off my soap box now.

Also while I was in Leesville I attended a baby shower. I was asked to make a diaper cake for the shower and I think I did an okay job. Here is a picture of it, so you can be the judge.

We had a great time in Leesville but we missed Eddie, so we decided to come home.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We had Connor's favorite dinner tonight...pizzaroni. That's what Eddie called pizza when he was little, so we are teaching Connor to call pizza that also. He is truly a Merrill...I have never met anyone who loves pizza as much as the Merrill Family. I think his Aunt Sisa (that is what he calls Lisa) could eat pizza everyday. Once he was done eating pizza his Papa and Noni called and said they were coming over to visit. When we told Connor Papa and Noni were coming over, he went and got his backpack. He went to the door and said Papa and Noni. He was ready to go and stay the night with them. So I took a picture of this sweet kid wanting to spend the night with his Papa and Noni. Unfortunately, Noni had to work tomorrow and we are going to see his Pawpaw and Nana tomorrow, so he had to stay with his parents. It still made for a cute picture. What a great night we had here at the Merrill house!!!! ;)

Friday, April 27, 2007

A Great Babysitter...

I am so excited. Why you ask? Rachel (my niece) just completed a babysitting class on Wednesday. She was so excited because they gave her a bag of goodies to take with her, to entertain the kids she babysits. So like a good cousin she came down and tested them out on Connor. Oh, how he loves his Chachel. (that is what comes out of his mouth when trying to say Rachel) The bag of goodies included: balls, playdough, coloring pages, bubbles and crayons. Rachel and her mom assumed that the balls and bubbles would be the hit items. They were right! Connor loved both of those items. He threw the ball around with Rachel until it was time for her to leave. We walked her to the door and watched her ride away into the sunset. With tears in his eyes Connor kept saying "Chachel, Chachel, Chachel" until he saw a red truck and thought it was Keif. (that is what he calls Keith) Rachel always does a great job entertaining Connor and I know she will have plenty of babysitting jobs ahead of her.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Sleepy Connor

Well...Connor did not get to take his full nap yesterday because he decided to fall asleep at 4:30. I had to wake him up before Eddie got home and plus who wants their kid to fall asleep for a nap at that time. Anyways, so last night it was time for bed and Connor decided that everything hurt his feelings. He started crying and making really sad faces. So like any good mom would do...I got the camera to take pictures of this event. Now, grandparents that are reading this and thinking what did they do to my baby...I just want to let you know after I took each picture he wiped away the tears to look at himself on the camera (while smiling at himself). Then he started again. Between the crying he would say "mommy, mommy" then as you can see he would cut his eyes at daddy. This went on for a least a good 10 minutes. It was so funny to watch him and know that he was so dramatic. I don't know where he gets that from. ;) He sure knows how to put on a show.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have finally arrived!!!

Yes...it has taken me a while but I have decided to join the wonderful world of blogging. It will be great to keep up with friends that move away:( and family that doesn't get to see us (meaning Connor) all the time.
I am figuring everything out...so please stay tuned for future blogs and pictures.