Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Preschool Fun

Fall Feast

I made Connor's class turkey leg hats for the feast. Gotta love Family Fun magazine.

Connor enjoying the feast.

He loved eating the corn and grapes.

Eating the cool whip off the pie.

Turkey cupcakes I made for his class. They didn't turn out just the way I wanted but they were cute.

Riding Horses

Rachel riding Madonna

Connor and Rachel riding Madonna

Connor riding by himself with Uncle Boo and Mrs. Robin close by

Rachel and Connor again with Mrs. Robin

I even decided to take a little ride. It was a very short ride.

We had a great time riding horses with Mrs. Robin and Uncle Boo. She has some beautiful land and horses. Connor can't wait to go riding again.

8 Months Old

Colby is 8 months old now and is doing more and more every day. Here a few milestones:
  • army crawls (really fast)
  • says mamamamama
  • gives sugar with his mouth wide open
  • will crawl on his hands and knees also
  • ate his first Nana pancake and loved it
  • plays cars with his brother
  • still hates baby food
  • pulls up on everything
  • will stand up in the middle of the floor with his hands still on the floor
  • crys when he doesn't see his mommy (attachment issues)

These are just a few things he has started doing. Here a few pictures of him at 8 months.

Playing at Pawpaw and Nana's house

His first pancake

Eating his first pancake

Fall Festival

Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse (I know...they are so cute)

Lily being the cutest little pink bunny I've ever seen. (since Lisa never blogs)

Connor with his girlfriend Lauren, that he will not talk to but always talk about.

Colby enjoying a nice nap on his Uncle Keith.

Colby eating his first sucker.

Papa Simpson's Farm

The Tuesday before Halloween Connor's preschool class went to Papa Simpson's Farm. It was so nice out there and the kids loved it. Here a few pics from that day:
Showing the pig to his little brother
Milking a cow

Posing with Nana and Colby
Connor's preschool class

Pumpkin Time

Okay...I'm going to play catch up. This is how we decided to carve our pumpkins this year. Yes, we cheated and it was really fun and EASY.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tales from Preschool

I saw Mrs. Amanda the other day and she told me Connor would not listen to her the other day and this is how the conversation went.

Mrs Amanda: Connor you are not being a good listener today, do you have dirt in your ears?
Connor: No, Ma'am I had a squirrel in my ear and I already went to the doctor for it. (there is a story behind this)
A few weeks after Colby was born we went to see Horton Hears a Who and all the way home from the Boardwalk he cried b/c he had a squirrel in his ear. So, I took him to the doctor and sure enough he had an ear infection.

Connor loves preschool and he loves Mrs. Amanda. Everyday he comes home and tells me all about his day and who got in trouble. He will name everyone in his class and tell us all about them. There is one girl in Mrs. Lisa's class that he calls that bad girl. LOL Who knows what she does.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sweet Sound of Laughter

Fall Fun Day

Connor had Fall Fun Day at preschool today and it was so much fun. They got to dress up like something you would find on a farm and luckily Connor's chicken costume from last year still fit.

Connor in his chicken costume

Uncle Keith giving Connor a ride. I don't know why they wasted money on a bouncy thing, Uncle Keith came over and gave all the kids a ride.

Connor with his friend Jessie. Notice they are holding hands...I only allowed this b/c I know her parents.

Connor and Livy (Jessie wanted in the picture too)

The kids going out to the hay ride

Tiny Town and The Boardwalk

Colby went to play at Tiny Town for the first time last week. He loved standing up and trying to crawl around. He also loved watching all the kids running around.

Posing with his big brother

Last Saturday we meet Uncle Keith, Aunt Lori, Uncle Boo, Ms. Robin and Rachel at the Boardwalk for dinner and a little shopping. It was so much fun to visit with everyone!!!

Connor in front of Bass Pro Shops

Uncle Keith scared of the alligalor (pronounced by Connor)

Connor riding a fish

The Fair

We enjoyed the fair this year with Uncle Boo. They didn't have a lot of rides for Connor but that just meant we didn't stay out there very long. Which was fine with me b/c it was so hot. Here are a few pics of Connor riding a few rides.

We parked by these guys and the minute Connor opened the door he said "Mom do you smell that stinky booty?" It was so funny.

Lion's Club Rodeo

We love the Lion's Club Rodeo back home and since my brother is in the Lion's Club we always try to go. We had a great time this year. Connor loved the rodeo!!!! We went on Thursday night so we could watch Ms. Robin barrel race. Connor was scared of Gidget (Ms.Robin's horse) at first but then he warmed up to her and Ms. Robin. In fact, he got to ride Gidget with Ms. Robin and he loved it. Now Connor barrel races in our living room on his stick horse Gidget.

Connor enjoying rodeo food

Connor watching all the horses

Connor watching the calf roping

Colby trying to eat the camera

Colby taking a nap at the rodeo

The Rodeo Parade

My parents opened a Sears store so they put a float in the Rodeo Parade to let everyone know they were open. So, Connor and Colby were in their first parade. Here are a few pics from the parade.

Connor riding on the float!!! He liked driving the lawnmower.

Colby looking cute in his cowboy hat!!!

He rode in the Tahoe with my brother and grandmother. My grandmother said he laughed the whole parade.

Colby with my brother (Uncle Boo).

The back of the float.