Thursday, January 22, 2009

Play Group

I've been thinking about starting play group back for a while now but I keep telling myself I don't have time to be in charge of that. So here I am throwing out the question to everyone. Would anyone be interested in coming to play group? I'm thinking once a month for now. I know we can go to Tiny Town on Tuesdays in the morning and maybe we could do lunch afterwards. I was just curious if anyone would even be interested. I know I can commit to once a month, can you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the winner is...

ME!!!!!! I am the winner of a brand new HE washer and dryer. I tried to wait until they came in to make the big announcement but I can't stand it anymore. We went to a Sears Hometown Celebration in Las Vegas and I won the grand prize. I was so excited and so shocked, I never win anything. They should be here in the next week. YAY The guy from LG told me this will cut my washing time in half. The link is the exact one I will get. As soon as I get them set up I will take pics and let you know how long it takes me to do laundry. :)

Save the Date

Ladies mark your calendars...Women of Faith will be in Shreveport, LA on March 27-28. Click here to check it out
I know I will be there, will you?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prayer Needed

Okay...this may sound really silly to some people but I really need some prayer on Saturday. I'm leaving to go to Vegas for a week and I have to leave my babies here with their grandparents. I know they are in good hands and will be taken care of but I've never left my babies for this long. I'm sure there will be a few tears involved but I will try not to cry in front of them. Connor is not really sure what is happening yet but he will figure it out on Saturday. If you can just say a little prayer this week for our family I would really appreciate it. Happy New Year!!!!