Friday, February 15, 2008

One more month...

It was exactly one month yesterday until I deliver. I went to the doctor yesterday and Colby weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. !!!!! I heard my doctor in the hallway before he walked in the room saying "the baby is in the 80th percentile...I don't know how she is carrying that baby, she is too small." I was like Wow....I wish I could see the girl that just left. Then he walks in the room and tells me that Colby is in the 80th percentile and asked if I was doing okay. I told him I was fine, besides having to pee every other hour. Anyways...he told me Colby would probably weigh about 8 lbs or little more. I told him I could deliver that size but anything over 9 might be a problem. LOL Just thought I would give an update. I wish my other computer would stay on long enough for me to download ultrasound pics but I'm not having any luck with that. We have some great pics of Colby already.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Colby will be here soon!!!!

In 30 days we will no longer be a family of 3. I'm starting to get a little anxious and impatient. My new little man will be here in a month and we haven't even started putting his room together. My mom came a few weeks ago and we did get the closet cleaned out in Colby's room and all of Connor's old stuff separated by size. Now we have to paint the room, put the crib together and get his dresser over here. After we have done this I can start washing all of the clothes. It seems like I will never get it done especially when you feel fat and slow. will all get done and I hope to post pictures of his new room.