Saturday, April 12, 2008

PBS Word World

We usually don't watch PBS b/c I think a lot of the shows on there are goofy but Connor loves the show Word World. I went to the website today and they have all kinds of learning games you can do with your kids. Connor and I played a few of them and he loved it. I was also at Target the other day and noticed they have started carrying games and other Word World toys. I love the idea for their matching game. You don't match a picture with a picture, you match the word with the picture. They also have the videos at Brookshires. We have seen this show before but it is starting to get popular now. Anyways...I thought I would share this. If you haven't seen this show yet check it out on PBS @ noon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Arbonne Sale

Many of you know I sell Arbonne. Well, I have every lipstick that they make and they have never even been opened. I want to get rid of them. They are regularly $16.50 a tube but I am going to sell them for $10. I also have all the lip liners. I don't think anyone has ever used them but just in case I have dipped them in alcohol and sharpened them. (this is what my upline told me to do) I'm not sure what they charged for the older lip liner but I am selling them for $5. We also have a product for lips called Prep & Plump. These are $28 but I am selling them for $15. If you haven't heard about Prep & makes you look like you have fuller lips. I also have a few more items I'm thinking about selling. Let me know if you are interested and you can come by and look at the colors or I can bring them to you. I'm just tired of looking at this stuff wasting away.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time for Change

Well...I guess it is time to change my blog title. I'm no longer just Connor's mom, I have another little blessing. We are getting adjusted to having another little boy in the house and Connor loves his little brother sooooo much. He gives him kisses all the time. Poor Colby is exposed to lots of little germs from his big brother. Oh well!!!!!
I really need to share my morning with everyone. When Connor was a baby he peed on me often and luckily Colby has not done that yet. Well this morning Colby was grunting hard trying to finish his business and I thought to myself ( need to wake up and change him before it starts running out of the diaper). So, not fully awake I start changing his diaper, I get the diaper off and have his legs up and to my surprise poop shoots out all over my shirt. I have never seen anything like this. It was like someone had a water gun and shooting poop out at me. All I could do was laugh. After putting on the new diaper I was able to take off my shirt without getting poop all over my face and then changed my sheets. Needless to say I was up early and those of you who know me ,know I like my sleep.
Anyways...I hope to get some pictures up soon of Colby and his brother.