Thursday, May 17, 2007

My little Tiger Woods or at least Papa thinks so...

This event happened in April but I REALLY needed to blog about it. Connor's Papa loves to golf and I think the word "love" is an understatement. One Saturday we met Papa and Noni out at Stonebridge to let Connor play a few rounds with them. Let me tell you this kid loves to go to the golf course.

I think it has a lot to do with the golf carts and all the places he can run around with Noni. He must have told Noni a dozen times "C'mon Noni run." I know he ran a good 2 miles that day. He wanted to run everywhere. As you can see in the picture, he is chasing after Papa. Then we drove down to the pond to see the ducks. By this time my memory on the camera was full because he was doing waaaaayyyy to many cute things. He had the best time calling ducks. He would cup his hands around his mouth and say "quack quack, quack quack." I have so many pictures... I can't choose which ones to put on. So yes, there are a lot of pictures on this blog but who cares. I know his grandparents don't!!!!

Toys, toys and my little boy...

Well...Pawpaw built Connor this great toy box for Christmas. You would think it would be for him to put all his toys in but Connor has decided he fits in it just fine. I don't know how in the world he climbs in it but he always lets me know then he's stuck. "Mommy....I tuck mommy, I tuck." Which in Connor language means he is STUCK and help!!!! I will pull him out the toy box and minutes later he is stuck again. I really need to figure out how he's getting in but then I would miss out on all these great pictures.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pawpaw and Nana's House

I know it's been a while since I've blogged but we have been out of town. We went to visit Pawpaw, Nana and the chickens. Yes...the chickens. Connor loves to take his Pawpaw outside and run between the chicken pen and the swing. Every time Pawpaw walked in the door Connor said "c'mon...chickens pease Pawpaw". Now who could turn down an invitation like that. We had a great time. I helped my mom clean her house b/c she has a cast on her arm. I got to see both my grandmothers and we were also there to celebrate my dad's birthday. We all went out to eat at the local steakhouse. (which by the way made my kid throw up) Now I will be getting on my soap box...we ordered him a kids chicken tender with fries, harmless you would think. Well, he was enjoying a steak with his mommy and decided he would eat one of his fries. He took a bite and started rubbing his tongue. I examined the fry and they had them covered with seasoning. SERIOUSLY...who puts seasoning like that on a child's plate. I'm still quite angry with them and considering calling the main office. Once he threw up all over me, he wouldn't eat anything else. To top it parents still had to pay for his meal. I do not suggest eating at the Wagon Master, like any of you are going on a pleasure trip to Leesville. lol By the way my Nene Rhodes tried one of the fries and she said it burned all the way down. Getting off my soap box now.

Also while I was in Leesville I attended a baby shower. I was asked to make a diaper cake for the shower and I think I did an okay job. Here is a picture of it, so you can be the judge.

We had a great time in Leesville but we missed Eddie, so we decided to come home.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We had Connor's favorite dinner tonight...pizzaroni. That's what Eddie called pizza when he was little, so we are teaching Connor to call pizza that also. He is truly a Merrill...I have never met anyone who loves pizza as much as the Merrill Family. I think his Aunt Sisa (that is what he calls Lisa) could eat pizza everyday. Once he was done eating pizza his Papa and Noni called and said they were coming over to visit. When we told Connor Papa and Noni were coming over, he went and got his backpack. He went to the door and said Papa and Noni. He was ready to go and stay the night with them. So I took a picture of this sweet kid wanting to spend the night with his Papa and Noni. Unfortunately, Noni had to work tomorrow and we are going to see his Pawpaw and Nana tomorrow, so he had to stay with his parents. It still made for a cute picture. What a great night we had here at the Merrill house!!!! ;)