Monday, July 16, 2007

Playing House

These pictures are not recent but I really needed to blog about these special girls. Before the Parrotts left for Germany the girls came over to play with Connor. They convinced him to play house. I don't remember which one was the mommy and daddy but Connor was their baby. They pretended to go grocery shopping and all the wonderful things you do as a family. I was able to catch a few shots of them in their house.

They had a blast playing with each other. Connor wants to know where Madison and Morgie are every day. Eddie thought for sure he would forget about them but who can forget about these sweet little angels. I know Connor can't. We miss you guys!!! Connor sends his love to you!!!


Anonymous said...

The girls said "Eddie who?" LOL
Morgan calls connor on her cell phone every day!! Cute picture. I am sure they had fun bossing Connor around.

Anonymous said...

Morgan just informed me that Madison was the mom & she was the dad. But that was okay, because she kissed him, and she is going to marry him when he gets older.

Laura said...

I love seeing kids play together. Isn't it great that it doesn't even matter how old they are?!