Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I swing swing

I'm back!!!! Well, a lot has happened these past couple of weeks. Connor got a swing set!!!! He loves to swing swing. I think he would stay out there all day long if I would let him. Let me rewind for a minute. My aunt and uncle give all the great nieces and nephews money to purchase a swing set or whatever they choose to buy .Well, we bought a swing set because Connor loves to swing. My dad, Keith and Eddie spent a Saturday putting it together and Connor was so excited to be able to swing in his backyard. Here a few pictures of him swinging right after they got finished with it. Connor wants to thank Uncle Jim, Aunt Kathy, Pawpaw, Uncle Keith and his daddy for this chance to swing swing on his very own swing set. (wait a minute...this isn't a Grammy Awards speech) Oh Well...Applause and cue music.


Michelle said...

You funny blogger! I especially like how you duplicate the word just like he would :)

Laura said...

That is sweet! He looks like he's enjoying himself!