Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We had Connor's favorite dinner tonight...pizzaroni. That's what Eddie called pizza when he was little, so we are teaching Connor to call pizza that also. He is truly a Merrill...I have never met anyone who loves pizza as much as the Merrill Family. I think his Aunt Sisa (that is what he calls Lisa) could eat pizza everyday. Once he was done eating pizza his Papa and Noni called and said they were coming over to visit. When we told Connor Papa and Noni were coming over, he went and got his backpack. He went to the door and said Papa and Noni. He was ready to go and stay the night with them. So I took a picture of this sweet kid wanting to spend the night with his Papa and Noni. Unfortunately, Noni had to work tomorrow and we are going to see his Pawpaw and Nana tomorrow, so he had to stay with his parents. It still made for a cute picture. What a great night we had here at the Merrill house!!!! ;)


Christa said...

That is such a cute picture! He was ready to go! Pack pack (That's a Morgan-ism! :-) and all!

Anonymous said...

Morgan was reading this with me and said "he's a sweetie pie". I have to agree! How can you ever say no to the lil man?

Laura said...

He is so adorable with his little backpack on!