Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shawn Johnson = Powerhouse

Have you seen this kid????!!!! She is GREAT!!!! I think I fell in love with her style of gymnastics because she reminds me so much of Mary Lou Retton. When I was younger I wanted to be Mary Lou, what gymnast didn't want to be her? I have been waiting for this powerhouse to win a gold medal this whole time and she finally did it!! They should have won gold during the team competition but we won't get into that. This kid makes the balance beam seem easy, I don't know how they do it. I get sweaty feet just watching them!! Don't get me wrong I think Nastia Liukin is great too, but I have been cheering for Shawn since day 1!!! To see her parents hug and cry after she won a gold medal made me tear up. I know...I'm a silly girl but I'm a silly girl who loves her gymnastics!!!!!!! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!

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Osbons said...

I know! I've been cheering her on from the beginning. She definitely never let us down. It was great to watch her.