Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 and 10 Months Old

I can't seem to get these blogs done for some reason but I'm going to catch up before I forget. All of Colby's milestones for 9 months:

  • Getting more and more vocal
  • I left him for the first time ever!!! We went to Vegas for a week without ours kids. It was really scary b/c we tried letting him stay the night with Noni and Papa twice before we left and one of those nights they brought him back to us b/c he would not stop crying.
  • Eats everything you put in his mouth and stuff he finds on the floor!!
  • Loved Christmas
  • Loves playing with all of his toys
  • Brought in the New Year at the annual party at Aunt Bibi and Uncle BryBry's house
  • Took his first Santa pictures at Cowens

I really should keep up with this stuff b/c I know I'm forgetting stuff.

Colby's 10 month milestones:

  • Standing up in the middle of the floor
  • Loved going down the slide at the park
  • Started dancing when music comes on
  • Started waving bye bye
  • Loves eating still...as long as it is not baby food
  • Follows me everywhere I go
  • Loves playing with his brother
  • Getting another bottom tooth
  • Loves to snuggle when he is sleeping
  • Loves taking a bath with his brother

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