Tuesday, December 9, 2008

8 Months Old

Colby is 8 months old now and is doing more and more every day. Here a few milestones:
  • army crawls (really fast)
  • says mamamamama
  • gives sugar with his mouth wide open
  • will crawl on his hands and knees also
  • ate his first Nana pancake and loved it
  • plays cars with his brother
  • still hates baby food
  • pulls up on everything
  • will stand up in the middle of the floor with his hands still on the floor
  • crys when he doesn't see his mommy (attachment issues)

These are just a few things he has started doing. Here a few pictures of him at 8 months.

Playing at Pawpaw and Nana's house

His first pancake

Eating his first pancake

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