Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Connor is 3!!!!

Connor is three today!!! I can't believe how big my baby is getting. Here a few facts about Connor at the age of 3:

  • He loves to talk
  • He loves to ask lots of questions
  • Loves his little brother
  • Knows everyone by their real name such as Nana, Pawpaw, Noni, Papa etc....
  • Starting to potty like a big boy
  • Coloring, playing with his toys
  • Loves movies
  • Scared of monskers (monsters)
  • Loves chocolate milk
  • Loves going to church, in fact he will ask me everyday if we are going to church
  • Hates washing his hair
  • Swam in the lake and rode a jet ski for the first time this 4th of July
  • Loves playing in the rain with his Uncle Keith
  • Loves bothering his Uncle Boo
  • Loves having water gun fights with his Uncle Chad

These are just a few things Connor likes. I can't believe how fast kids grow up. He will start preschool this year and the house will be really quiet for a few hours 3 days out of the week. We love you Connor!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Lacy said...

He is so handsome and I've never met a 3 yr. old so polite! I forgot we have to go out of town for Willie's dad's b.d. this weekend so we will miss his party :( I'm sure he'll have a huge crowd and won't even notice. But tell him he'll get his present next week.

Autumn said...

Congrats Connor. It really does seem diffrent once they start preschool. It seems like a real milestone in the family.

Michelle said...

Hey! Look at you blogging from a far! Happy Birthday Connor!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! Hope you had a wonderful day! It's sad how fast they grow. I wish I could freeze time so they stayed little forever.

Kami W. Tais said...

Awww, he sounds fun. I can't believe these kids are trying to grow up on us. We still need to get together one day. We'll let all the boys play!

Candy said...

Happy Birthday to Conner!!! :)

Anonymous said...

3!?!?! Didn't he just turn 2. My goodness time flies. Hang on tight - it doesn't ever slow down. Hugs & Kisses from Mrs. Jen

Happy Birthday Connor - we love you - we miss you - Morgan says your cute! xoxoxoxo Morgie & Mad-son

Osbons said...

Oh my sweet boy Connor. He's getting so big. Please tell him to slow down a little bit.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Connor...I forgot we were birthday twins (almost). My SIL's birthday is the 8th actually. He is so cute!