Sunday, May 4, 2008

7 Weeks Old

Can you believe that my baby is already 7 weeks old??!?!?!?! I'll post my pictures later but I just wanted to share a little about Colby. He is smiling already!!! At first I thought it was just gas but when we talk to him he gets the biggest smile and will do a little laugh. It is so sweet! I actually caught the smile on camera last night. He loves taking a bath, getting sugars from his big brother and long walks on the beach. lol Okay, the beach thing is false but all the other stuff is true.
He has his first ear infection due to drainage backing up in his ears. My poor baby had to have his toe stuck, a shot and start his first antibiotic. It was a rough day for Colby. Oh...and he already weighs 13 lbs!!!
Anyways...just a little update on my baby boy and like I said I will post pictures up tomorrow.

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Osbons said...

Yep, he smiled and laughed at his Aunt Lisa on Sunday afternoon. I can't believe he's laughing already.